Fly tipping crackdown continues

Six infrared cameras are now operating in Cardiff to catch people fly tipping waste.

Since August this year, 23 fixed penalty notices of £400 each have been issued to offenders and two more serious cases are being prepared for action in court.

Fly tipping is illegal and it blights the communities that we all live in. Those that are offending are being warned that the number of cameras that we are going to use to enforce is going to increase, and we are using all the resources available to catch those offending.

Cllr Michael Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets and Recycling, said: “The people that do fly tip waste, do it to make money. The Council provides all the facilities required for residents to dispose of their waste responsibly.

“The people offending are often highly organised, dumping waste from house clearances or waste which is collected cheaply and illegally from people’s homes.

“We are now looking into the powers available to seize the vehicles identified in our investigations, so we can take them off the road and crush them.

“To dispose of a tonne of waste at a landfill site or at an energy from waste facility costs approximately £80 per tonne. So if someone offers to collect waste from your home for £20 or so, then alarm bells should ring.

“To collect waste commercially, you have to have a waste carrier’s license from Natural Resources Wales. If someone is collecting waste from your home, ask for their licence and a waste transfer note.

“The waste transfer note should give details on where the waste is being taken from and which licensed disposal facility the waste is being brought to. If the person collecting the waste refuses to provide this information, then do not use their services. Otherwise if the waste is found fly tipped and is traced back to your home, you will be prosecuted.”

Request a Waste Transfer Note from the person collecting your waste and check if they are registered with National Resources Wales on 0300 065 3000 or

Is any resident witnesses fly tipping taking place in their community, they are asked not to approach those offending but to take details of the time, location, a description of those offending and the vehicle registration details and report it to Connect 2 Cardiff on 2087 2087 so investigations can take place.