Cardiff City Football Club Parade


The Council is pleased to confirm that Cardiff City Football Club will be hosting a Premier League celebration in the city centre on Sunday, 13thMay.

The Bluebirds will embark upon an open-top bus parade from Cardiff City Stadium at 3.00pm, before heading north along Leckwith Road. They'll then turn into Cowbridge Road East and travel all the way along Cowbridge Road East, over Canton Bridge and onto Castle Street.

The team are expected to arrive at the Castle between 4.30pm and 5.00pm where they will be met by the Leader of Cardiff Council and the Rt. Honourable Lord Mayor. Neil Warnock and the players will then take to an open-air stage to address supporters.

Cardiff is hosting a Car Free Day on Sunday which includes the family-friendly HSBC UK LET's RIDE Cardiff bike ride. Both events happen around the castle and significant road closures will be in place throughout the day from 5.00am until 8.00pm.

Cardiff City Football Club supports the Council's Car Free Day and has asked their supporters to take this opportunity to travel into the city by bus, train, on bikes or on foot to enjoy the event which runs from 10.00am until 3.00pm.

The Council has been thanked by Cardiff City Football Club for doing everything possible to ensure that the Parade can take place on the same day as Car Free Day.

The entertainment scheduled for Car Free Day will end before the parade reaches the castle, but families are welcome to come down and enjoy the fun before the open-top bus arrives in the city centre - you can read more about Car Free Day, entertainment on the day, and the significant Sunday road closures

Once the team arrive at the castle, Neil Warnock and the players will take to an open-air stage to address supporters amidst what will be a family-friendly, party atmosphere. Supporters are invited to join the team for the free festivities, at the castle or at any point they wish to see the Parade along the way.

There will be limited room in front of the castle and safety on the day will be of paramount importance. Advance notice has been given to fans that access to the front of the Castle may be restricted if it is deemed necessary on health and safety grounds.