“If it didn’t grow, it’s not coming in” is launched across Cardiff


A city-wide campaign aimed at preventing garden waste contamination has just been launched!

The advertising campaign depicts garden gnome bouncers at the door of a Garden Waste nightclub with the message "if it didn't grow, it's not coming in."

It aims to tackle the inclusion of items such as cardboard, plastics, decking boards and large quantities of soil in green bins and reusable garden waste sacks when the collections are for compostable material only.

Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Recycling and Environment, Cllr Michael Michael said: "We believe that this campaign gets a very serious message across in an engaging way. Basically, garden waste collections are for grass cuttings, flowers, leaves, twigs and small branches and yet you would be amazed at what people put out for collection. We've had plastic paddling pools, bits of metal, wellington boots, hose pipes, cardboard, flower pots and old watering cans included in garden waste! Obviously dealing with contamination such as this has a significant cost attached to it so I would urge all gardeners to ensure that they only put compostable material out for collection. Please remember the gnome's message - if it didn't grow, it's not coming in."

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